The Future of Outpatient Surgery is Here

Hybrid Surgery Center provides hospital-quality imaging, diagnostic and surgical services in an intimate outpatient clinic setting. Plus, our patented design serves as a model that allows ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to perform complex, minimally invasive procedures that were previously available only in a hospital setting. Here, dedicated board-certified surgeons, health care providers and support staff focus on serving just dozens—not hundreds—of patients each day. Treatment is supervised by the Southwest’s best health care providers. This is individualized outpatient care at its absolute best, with optimal outcomes. Hybrid Surgery Center provides tomorrow’s medical technology and treatment methods, today.

The Future of Outpatient Surgery

Leading Edge, Comprehensive Facility

Hybrid Surgery Center is designed from the ground up to help board certified physicians provide one-stop comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for multiple disorders and conditions. Never before has providing individualized patient care been this nimble and efficient. Our patented model of unique operating suites allows surgeons, radiologists and other providers to collaborate in real time. At HSC, a hybrid surgical space combines a conventional operating room with an interventional radiology-type room where surgeons can perform procedures using C-arms and other imaging equipment. From aneurysms to cardiovascular disorders, to strokes and beyond, physicians can blend open, laparoscopic, catheter-based and image-guided procedures. The result? Extremely efficient care with optimal patient outcomes.

Leading Edge, Comprehensive Facility


Board Certified


Every physician and surgeon practicing at Hybrid Surgery Center is board certified in their respective field by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Unlike a medical license, which states that a physician meets minimum competency requirements, board certification attests to a physician’s particular dedication and expertise in a specific field.


Board certification is granted only after a rigorous process of testing and peer evaluation. Patients treated at Hybrid Surgery Center can be confident that they are receiving care from the most knowledgeable, experienced and skilled physicians in their fields.


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Outpatient Care

The patented Hybrid Surgery Center model provides dedicated and individualized specialty patient care beyond that available in most hospital settings. Research shows that surgical procedures performed in outpatient clinics take up to 25% less time than those performed in hospitals. This means that HSC’s board certified physicians are able to ensure optimal recovery times and patient outcomes. In short: At HSC, patients enjoy better quality, more efficient and lower-cost specialty care.