HSC Experience

You deserve first-class and efficient health care, the expertise of board certified specialists, and the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities.

Our dedicated and board certified surgeons and health care providers are focused on providing hospital-quality care to individual—not hundreds of—patients each day.

We’re here to answer your questions, address your concerns, develop an individualized treatment plan and work with your personal physician to provide the best care possible.

Please visit us for an informative tour, and see how the medicine of tomorrow is practiced today. To learn more and request an appointment, call us at 1.855.HSC.1600.



About Us

Hybrid Surgery Center has a unique facility and equipment that allows medical or surgical specialists to combine imaging services and surgical procedures in the same space. We provide health care for just a few patients each day, as compared to hundreds of admission in a hospital setting.
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Experts & Technology

Our providers work side-by-side with each patient’s physician to deliver high-tech imaging, diagnostics, and surgical procedures in an intimate, caring outpatient setting. Learn More.


We’re dedicated to providing extremely efficient care with optimal patient outcomes. Learn More.